Budget Mod – LED Dome Lights

I have already replaced the taillights with LEDs and I plan on replacing the headlights, fog lights, and turn signals with LEDs soon. I figured I may as well install some LEDs inside the vehicle. I found some on Amazon for cheap. I needed 2 bulbs for the 912 size, and one for the festoon style 578 size. I went with a 5050 bright white bulb and it seems to have mostly shifted the tint of the light. There is only a minimal gain in brightness, if any at all. I took these photos in my garage too keep it consistent with the before and after. I only resized the images to have them side by side. There were no brightness or color corrections. The last image, cargo area, was taken through the tinted glass of the hard top.


The installation was pretty straight forward. Gently pull off the dome light covers and then pull out the bulbs. The front dome light has 2 bulbs and the angle and clip makes it hard to get a good grip. I wound up prying the clips slightly with a screw driver to loosen them and pull the bulbs out. You will need a screw driver to remove the rear dome cover. The bulb is the pill shaped festoon style and can simply be plucked right out and replaced just as easily. The bulbs I used were can bus and I have no issues with any warnings due to low voltage LED lights.