Budget Mod – Blacked out Muffler

This isn’t the mod of your childhood where you poke a hole in your muffler to make it sound louder. No, this is a cosmetic mod and costs less than $5 and only take a couple minutes to do. All you need is a can of high temp spray paint that you can find at any your local hardware store. Auto parts stores sell engine paint but those are normally only rated around 500 degrees and they charge close to $8 a can. I went with some BBQ Grill paint as it is rated up to 1200 degrees and it was only $3 and change at the local store.


I used a wet cloth to clean off any dirt and debris on the muffler and then wiped it dry with a clean cloth. I would suggest waiting a few hours after driving around so the muffler has time to cool down. You don’t want to be spraying directly onto a hot exhaust system. It would probably hurt the paint, not to mention ignite and do some harm to you and your rig. Here is a before photo showing the bare metal muffler. See how it looks out of place?


I applied light coats and made sure I covered the bottom, sides, and exhaust tip. It only takes a couple minutes and you don’t have to worry about over spray or any thing else. Now it is all black and matches the tires, bumper, hinges, and stock suspension pieces. The end result is sure to make any wrangler look better.