How To: Hard Top Removal

Removing the hard top on your JK or JKU is fairly straight forward. You will need only a couple of minutes and your hands to remove the driver and passenger panels. If you plan on removing the rear portion of the top you will need a T40 bit and a friend to remove the top safely.

You start by releasing two hinge latches behind the sun visors. You will probably need to fold down and open the sin visor to open the latches without obstruction.


Then you unlock the rotating latches.


The last step for the freedom panels is to remove the two long screws near your dome light.


The following are only needed if you plan on removing the rear portion of the top.
On the roof there are 2 T40 bolts (1 driver side and 1 passenger side) near the B pillar that need to be removed. These were hidden under the freedom top panels and you will need to remove the bolts on both sides.Now you can proceed to the rear of the vehicle. Open the tailgate and lift the rear glass. Start by disconnecting the rear wiper blade wire harness found on the driver side of the vehilce in the rear cargo area.


Now you will see 3 T40 bolts on the rails beneath the windows on both sides of the Jeep. Remove all 6 bolts and store them in a Safe place.


Make sure your friend or hoist is ready to remove the top. There are guide pegs on each side so you will need to lift the top straight up before you can carry it away from the vehicle.


Here are videos to recap the steps for the freedom panels and the hard top.