Kelly Donahue @ Lithia Jeep


I purchased my JKU from the world’s coolest guy ever. I had to have a JKU in white, with a manual transmission, and the 430N radio unit for Bluetooth connectivity. I did a search on the site and found matching vehicles. There were only 3 within a 500 mile radius. Two of the vehicles were Black Bear or Sahara’s which I wasn’t looking for. That left me with only the Willy’s Wheeler. I sent a message through the dealer’s website to inform them that they had my Jeep.

I then received a call within an hour and touched base with Kelly Donahue at Lithia Jeep in Bryan, TX. I told him the situation and he was on board. He took care of me even though this was a month before I would actually be in the dealer to purchase the vehicle.

I told him where I stood with my finances and the loan terms I was looking for. He came back with an offer that was better than projections. Then when I arrived at the dealer to sign the paper work, he informed me that he actually got us a better rate. How awesome is that!

It was by far the best purchasing experience I’ve had. The short phone call, a couple of emails, and an hour at the dealership to get the paper work signed. Then I was driving home in my brand new Jeep.

Make sure you contact Kelly Donahue at Lithia Jeep in Bryan, TX when purchasing your next vehicle and don’t forget to mention I know he will do his best to get a great deal possible and give you the best customer experience you can get anywhere on the planet.